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Minions & Immortals


Minions & Immortals is a unique social role-playing game designed for mobile devices. The player takes on the role of an Immortal who sides with one of two factions, either The Dominion or The Discord. The factions are always in conflict and is the major motivation for storytelling and game play devices.

The Immortals fight by possessing mortals (their Minions) and then group with others from their faction to cooperate and go through dungeons or to PvP against the opposition.

Did we mention this will be done on your mobile device? 

Each Immortal will have their own city to grow and defend. Don't worry, you'll be able to protect it just fine so long as you treat your Minions well. Teach them your ways and they will become pious granting you additional boons to bestow. Reap the rewards of being a true Immortal to your army of devoted followers.

Oh yes, don't forget Guilds. Immortals within each faction are able to group up and gain additional benefits. Guilds offer unique content and bonuses that won't be found elsewhere. As your Immortal grows so too will your guild. Help become the dominant force for your faction!

Also, this will be mobile. Just in case we weren't clear.

We really look forward to your feedback as we're just as excited to release the game as we are to work with our community. It's our players who are the Immortals and we are simply your Minions.

Thanks everyone! Look for additional updates as we travel down this road together.

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