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Hall of Immortals

Stephen Pladson

Chief Executive Immortal

If ever world domination were easy it would have to be done with a great deal of panache. Steve doesn't have panache. However, he does have a towel. Never forget to bring your towel.

Favoritest game evar

Dungeon Master

Niki Fox

Chief Operations Immortal

Niki is the COI of Flat Toe where she assists Steve with immortal domination.  Spending years gaming she gained the ability to help shape and mold the world of Aetheria.  She guides the new immortals as they learn to harness their full power and potential...

Favoritest game evar

Final Fantasy I

Andy Torrey 

Chief Technology Immortal

Andy is the CTI of Flat Toe Studio. If he were not so bothersomely tall, Andy would live amongst the Dwarves in the cavernous reaches of Aetheria where he could simultaneously work his wonders on the bones of the world and partake of their fabled ales!

Favoritest game evar

Final Fantasy II

John DeMarchi 

3D Model Immortal

I'm just your friendly neighborhood character artist.


Favoritest game evar

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Corey Wolff 

Immortal Animator

An animator who blindly interacts with the world through collision, struggle, and the graph editor.


Favoritest game evar

Shadow of the Colossus

Alex Hauser 

Immortal Coder

An apprentice coder of chaos, Alex plies and refines his trade until either the matrix or the holodeck become a reality. Until then, technology marches onward, huzzah!


Favoritest game evar


Jeremiah Bates 

Immortal Level Designer

A game designer who loves working on creating worlds through level design and story.


Favoritest game evar

Mass Effect

Nadia Oxford 

Immortal Story Writer

Nadia is a freelance writer based in Toronto. During her spare time, she jumps on moving cars and screams about being Queen of the Last Dragons.


Favoritest game evar

Final Fantasy VI

Rainer Petter 

Concept Art Immortal

A Brazillian illustrator who hates carnivals and draws in his spare time. Maybe he has a flame sword. Maybe. That is all that can be revealed, for now...

Favoritest game evar

Fallout 3

Anthony Lee 

3D Immortal

An artist with the uncanny ability to eat an entire ham!

Favoritest game evar


Lena Gkika 

Immortal Queen

In a world of Immortals and Minions, Lena is a Queen that promises to help the community of puny minions to survive the war.

Favoritest game evar

No One Lives Forever

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